Methods of Measuring Campaign Success Report

Campaigning for the event is a critical aspect of the whole process since it is only through the campaign that potential attendees will get to know of the event and possibly learn about the BS8901 standard and adopt it. After the campaign, it is important to determine whether they have achieved success or not.


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The first method that can be used to measure the relevance and success of the campaign is to record the number of potential attendees who respond to invites. For instance, potential attendees may be invited to the event through social sites such as facebook.

They are then expected to reply either to decline or confirm their attendance. Positive response by the potential attendees indicates success of the campaign while failure to respond indicates its failure.

The second method that can measure the success of the campaign is to analyze the number of responses received. Since one of the most effective ways of campaigning for the event is the use of the internet, a website can be appropriately used to advertise the event.

The success of the campaign is determined by comparing the traffic on the website before posting the information and after posting it. The web host is in a position to capture the total number of people hitting the site and this helps in determining the success of the campaign.

The third method that can determine the success of the campaign is to determine how long people stay on the website and the number of pages they view once they visit the site. This helps in providing information on whether the campaign has actually engaged the potential attendees or not If they stay on the site for a short period of time and view a limited number of pages, then it is likely that the campaign strategy has not succeed.

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